Thanatos II

Discovery and Continuation

Last week our sortie into the bugbear stronghold continued. The blizzard seems to have let up and we can leave if we wish but the information we have gained leads us to press further into the warren. While the walls speak of an an ancient dwarven warrior now their halls house a different menace. As far as we can tell a cult worshipping Nerull has taken over. We can hear their chanting in the distance.

We have encountered all manner of undead in the forest nearby and I believe that she is the cause. We still have yet to discover her connection to the approaching bugbear army but some of her minions bear the rank markings similar to those worn by the hoard which destroyed the barbarian’s home.

Next week we plan to confront her and destroy her.

Player of Talis Lightblade the Elven Duskblade


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